Купить [CSO] [ZP] Zombie Class - Arachne for CS 1.6

Купить [CSO] [ZP] Zombie Class - Arachne for CS 1.6

Welcome to the users of my site, not long ago in CSO released the update Zombie 5: Rise, they added 2 zombie classes. Our team wrote a private plugin Arachne for CS 1.6. We tried to do everything as in CSO, this zombie class is suitable for Zombie Plague and Zombie Escape!


Arachne is a modified human with the Z-VIRUS, after a mutated sample from the Tyrant Crab alongside Tyrant, she is able to shoot spider webs to slow down humans and swing at high places.

Arachne is only available in Zombie Rise mode, after a zombie collects enough S-VIRUS to evolve into either Arachne or Tyrant.

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